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Lesson 1: Trust your spotter.

"Wake up! We are going to be late!"

No reply.
A kid with spiked hair sleeps soundly. He stayed up all night playing games, no wonder that he is so tired. The sheets are messed up, apparently he moved a lot while he was sleeping.
Still, despite being called, despite the knocking on the door, he still won't wake up.

"... Well, if you want it like this..."

The door swung open, and another spiked-haired child, this time a blonde girl, came in wearing a sailor school uniform. She took off her shoes and started to jump on the boy's bed. Soon after, a weird-looking white and brown monkey joined the party of bouncing up and down in the softness of the mattress. The young boy's sleep couldn't resist any longer and soon gave in.

"All right Roll. I'm up..." With a huge yawn, and despite the bouncing girl on his bed, he tried to stand up which only caused the girl called Roll to fall from the bed, luckily she didn't hit her head and landed on her bottom.

"Ah! Roll, are you okay?" He asked, quickly going to her side to check up on her. The little monkey was also so worried that he started to squeal around her.

"I told you to wake up, didn't I?" Said Roll, tears flowing on her eyes.

"I know, I am sorry."

"... Jerk!" And with that she left the room, leaving the door wide open behind her, in it a plate is nailed where it can be read "Rock's room".

Rock was a 12 year-old boy that lived with his sister Roll and his grandfather, Barrell. Today was the first day of middle school, and Roll was looking forward to that so much that she almost couldn't sleep. And she didn't want to get late so she tried to force her brother to wake up for she wanted them to go to school together. Was it that important? For her it was. She has her reasons but Rock, on the other hand, couldn't care less.

He got up and noticed his uniform neatly folded in a chair in his room. Roll must have left it to him, washed and ironed. A proof of how dependable she is. The small monkey hopped around the chair, trying to get Rock's attention.

"I know Data, I should apologize."

Data smiled, and exited the room, taking hold of the doorknob with a jump and somehow, swinging it close. Rock stared at the uniform for about three seconds before taking off his pajamas and slipping in his new clothes.


"Good morning Gramps!"

In the kitchen there was an old man with gray beard, and a journal in front of his face, hiding the metallic plate on his head and the two glowing mechanical green eyes. This man was Professor Barrell, once a famous digger who wrote several guides to digging and books about the ancient civilizations. Now, he is retired.

He moved the journal away from his eyes and looked at Rock.
"Oh! Good morning Rock! You look great in that uniform!"

The standard black uniform suits Rock to a T. In the rush, he forgot to button it all the way up as regulated by the school. Noticing this, Barrell called him close and helped Rock with the buttons. Rock protested against the tightness of the collar but felt defeated to fight back under his grandfather's stern front.

"Thanks Gramps. Where is Roll?"

He looked upon the table, where rests a cup of milk and a sandwich. Apricot jam.

"She took her breakfast and ran off. Did something happened?"

At the boy's guilty look, the Professor quickly arrived at a possible conclusion that they must have fought.
Rock replied: "She was trying to wake me up but I made her fall from the bed and nearly bump her head on the floor."

"Was it your intention?"

"Of course it wasn't! I would never do that to her!"

The elder smiled.
"Then you better explain yourself when you see her, okay?"

The young boy nodded once and said: "Okay Gramps. I will!"

"Well, you better get going then!"

Rock glanced at the old clock atop the fireplace. Only twenty minutes to the first bell. Luckily, the school isn't too far away. He should barely make it in time.
Before the elder's eyes, the spiked-haired boy made the sandwich and the milk on top of the table vanish in one single gulp. Then, he cleaned his mouth with his sleeve and put the cup and plate on the sink.
"I'm off!" Said, Rock, leaving the house, storming off like a rocket.

Barrel returned his eyes to the journal for a while before realizing: "Oh my, He forgot his lunch!"

The lonely lunch box, forgotten on the top of the shoe cabinet. It was wrapped in a nice blue cloth with Rock's name stitched on it.


Walking alone down the streets, the blonde girl walks peacefully but with an annoyed expression stamped in her eyes. She did not want to shout at him like that. She knows that it wasn't intentional, but she doesn't know how to properly apologize.

It's been quite fun living with a brother, even if he is not really her brother. But no matter what, Rock was always on her side for everything, so maybe this time...

"H-hey Roll! Wait up!"

She heard his voice behind her. She couldn't bring herself to talk to Rock. Not now. Her legs began moving from a walking pace to a running dash. And before Rock could say anything else, she had already turned around the corner and inside the school.

Rock slowed down his pace. Was she still mad at him? That question felt somewhat painful as he asked himself that.
Even though he tried to apologize she ran away... does this mean that she doesn't like him...? No, that would be silly. Still, he really wants to say he's sorry.

Meanwhile, Roll had just entered her classroom and found her seat. Breathing heavily, she sat and opened her bag to take out the notebooks and pencils. Her classmates whispered among themselves about Roll's sudden entrance. And to make matters worse, Rock enters the classroom and after spotting Roll he walks towards her.

"Hey, Roll look..."

"I don't want to talk."

"But Roll..."

She stood up, dragging noisily the chair as she did. Several students turned their heads to the source and a silence fell on the whole class for a couple seconds before murmurs began to be exchanged. Roll's eyes were beginning to tear up but she held back. She has all the intentions to stop the fighting she brought on herself but the embarrassment didn't allow her to speak up in front of the class.

As if on cue, the first bell rang, indicating the beginning of the class. Almost at the same time, the teacher entered the classroom. Orderly, all the students began to get in their respective seats. Roll sat as well, without saying a word, and Rock saw no choice but to also return to his desk, a couple rows behind Roll's.


Roll ran away during the mid-day recess, and Rock searched all the school for her to no avail. When he got back to the classroom for the second period, she was already there, reading a book about mechanics. She is really keen on that subject for someone of her age.

All of this is incredibly weird. What is she mad about now? It cannot be the little accident when she tripped over his bed. Rock cannot have a grasp on what exactly happened for Roll to be behaving like this. He tries to distract himself, doodling on the corners of his textbook, just to be caught by the teacher with a chop to his head, much to the enjoyment of the rest of the class. Roll shows no reaction to the scene.

Not too soon, the bell rang for the lunch period. And as expected, Roll already stormed out of the classroom without a word.

She was devastated. She knew that there was nothing wrong with Rock, that she was the problem. She has been avoiding him during the whole day, barely talking back to her classmates.
Inside her, she knows the reason, but cannot bring herself to say it out loud.


With just 30 more minutes to the end of the lunch period. Roll packed her lunch alone, in a bench behind the school, and is now drinking the rest of her juice box. It seemed rather strange that nobody was around. Maybe everybody is playing in the field? Roll could have been there if she made any effort to talk to somebody, but her mind was set on avoiding Rock.

She was so absorbed by her own thoughts that she never noticed an older boy approaching until he spoke.

"Hey there, are you alone?"

The tall, and muscular boy spoke to Roll. His rugged face heavily contrasted with the stylish hairstyle and it took a moment for her to realize that he was not talking to her just to be friendly as a couple other scrawny, similar-looking boys joined him, evidently cornering Roll.

"Me and my guys have noticed a newbie running around in out turf. To think it was a girl... and a cute one at that." The twins giggled among themselves.

Roll picked her things. "It's okay. I'm leaving." And as she was about to stand up...

"Who said you could leave?" A tanned arm pushed Roll back into the bench with so much strength that she fell off it. "We need to teach you a lesson for roaming around our territory!"

One of the boys started to ransack Roll's things, and the other was helping him as Roll stepped back, bit by bit.

The bigger bully rolled up his sleeves, looking at Roll with his huge eyes, filled with anticipation.
"It's not too often that we have a chance of messing with a girl these days, isn't that right boys? Now let's see if you are hiding something on you..."
Roll thought of screaming, but she believes that will only make matters worse and angering the bullies.

She formed a wish in her heart... a wish to see him again. She regrets not apologizing to her best friend for being mad at nothing...

"Leave her alone you no-good-for-brains!"

Roll couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the spiked-haired boy with a defying look in his eyes, hastily dashing towards her.

The bully turned around, picking up a branch on the ground with the intention of hitting Rock the moment he gets in range...

...which Rock caught mid-swing. He then swatted the branch our of the bigger boy's hands and threw it beyond the fence.

"Why you...!"

The bully launched his fist forwards, but Rock was faster. He dodged the blow at an amazing speed, rolling on the ground to his right and stood up again, facing his foe. The twins began encouraging their boss, unaware of Roll crawling for an escape behind them.

The bully charged at Rock again. With all his rage he threw his whole body at Rock, with his massive arms spread out, ready to smash the little kid to pieces.

The blue boy was expecting this. All he had to do was take a couple steps to the left and watch the bully smash his head against the tree in which Rock was leaning on. The tree shook and the bigger boy fell flat on the ground, watching the stars floating around his head.

The other two rushed to their boss, and while both of the dragged him out of there, they shouted in unison: "We will not forget this!"

Rock cleaned the sweat that started to form on his forehead with his arm and went to Roll who was still on the ground, picking up her things and handing them over.

"You should have known better than to let yourself open like that."

Roll's eyes began to tear up, she didn't immediately accepted her bag back, instead she said:

"Are you okay? Those brutes didn't hurt you right?"

He didn't expect Roll's reply. Or her next action.

Before Rock could reply, she tackled him, chaining her arms behind his back and effectively throwing both of them on the ground, with Roll still linked to him. "You idiot..." Her voice was muffled by her face pressed against Rock's chest. "Why did you come to help me after I treated you like that...?"

Rock went silent as Roll wept on his uniform. Then, he patted her hair saying: "Come on Roll. You know I would not let you alone like that! You are family after all!"

Roll removed her arms from Rock and looked at him. "... I'm sorry."

She sat on her knees while the boy pulled his torso up.

"I was mad at you for no reason... this morning I wanted to go to school with you, I almost didn't slept while I was thinking like that. And then you... Ow!"

Rock flicked her front. "Idiot."

"Huh...?" Said Roll as she rubbed the spot where Rock had hit her.

"You could have just said that to me you know. I would have got up earlier, we could have had breakfast, saying goodbye to Gramps... and coming to school together!" He stood, offering a hand to help Roll up.

After being helped, Roll turned away her face which now was red with blood rushing to her cheeks. "B...but I thought if you went with me I..."


Roll waved her hands in front of her, in an unnecessary motion. "N...nothing! Nothing at all! Forget what I said!"

Rock smiled up. "Seriously, Roll. Whatever it is, I want you to know that I believe in you. We will always be good friends, no matter what!"

Wiping her tears, she replied: "No matter what...?"

The blue boy nodded once. This was enough to put a smile in Roll's face. "I'm... happy that you say that." She paused for a couple seconds. "... erm. Rock?"

He titled his head in curiosity, waiting for Roll to finish whatever she is about to say.

"Erm... I... that is... would you..."

Suddenly a storm was heard. With roaring growls, it shook the earth. But it did not come from the sky. Instead, the rumbling came from Rock's empty stomach.

Roll couldn't help but giggle. All Rock did was blush in embarrassment.

"I bet you forgot lunch... I will treat you at the cafeteria!"

Rock smiled back at Roll. "Come on! I will race you there!" said Roll, dashing ahead of him.

He sighed.

That's right. He will always trust his best friend and beloved adoptive sister. No matter what happens.


"H-hey! No fair! Wait for me Roll!"



Down the road, a limousine was cruising the street next to the school. Its black exterior was polished to perfection and not a single speck of dust rested on the chassis, until a tree branch that flew from nowhere smashed against one of the headlights.
The driver pushed the brakes with all his strength, the wheels squealed and after drifting for a couple meters, the limousine finally came to a stop.

"Carlos! Watch the road!" shouted a manly voice from the passenger seat, as he exited the car with furious rage.

"I am sorry my lord. The object appeared out of nowhere." Said the driver, clearly fearing the wrath of the other man.

Instead, the boss exited the vehicle while the poor driver went to access the damage.

"Are you alright, my love?" Said the boss turning back to the passengers.

A lovely voice replied to him: "Yes, just a little bit shaken up what's all. What about you my dear princess? Are you unhurt?"

Out of the door a little black-haired girl stepped out. Her dark brown hair falling to her shoulders, shining pink shoes and dress adorning her body.
"That was scary. But we are fine, Papa."

She turned to see what caused the accident, with her silver skull-shaped earrings swinging around on her head reflecting the sunlight.
Digger Basics 1 - Trust your spotter
EDIT: I revised this chapter, here are some of the changes:
- Overall toned down violence (Roll falls on her butt instead of her head, and the Bully leader threatens Roll with stealing her things, rather than hitting her with a tree branch). The reason for this is simply for a matter of taste. Falling on your head from standing on top of the bed would do more than just a light bruise, and it felt weird that the bully immediately goes to hit somebody.
- The story now takes place on Japanese-style middle school where they enter at the age of 12-13. Considering the last chapter it feels more suitable. I'm also making a couple of other details more... anime-ish. It's a Japanese videogame, why shouldn't I?
- And overall rewording of some sentences, expressions and more.

I had this plan for a fanfic for quite a long time, and only recently I decided to put it on paper. Basically, it is a story on Rock and Roll's childhood. And since this is their first day in middle school you can guess that it happens when they were 10 years old.
I plan to continue on this story but I don't know for how long, so wish me luck!

Also, as you have noticed, every "lesson" is an episode with a specific morale. I hope you like them!

Megaman Legends (Rockman DASH) and all characters related are propriety of Capcom

This fanfic is not for commercial purposes, it is done for the fans enjoyment and thus, I am not creating any profit from writing these.
If you liked my MML fanfic "Digger Basics", I am fixing some errors, mistakes and... mishaps of mine.
tagged by :iconmrtwinklehead:

⦁ Use the random generator at this link:
⦁ Set it to two Pokemon, all regions, and include natures. Post natures as well as the name and image of the Pokemon 
⦁ You are not allowed to reroll, but you may choose one of the two for each question 
⦁ You may ignore the nature rule for the first part only 
⦁ Comment on your results! 
⦁ Tag anyone, preferably three people 
⦁ If you have (relevant) additions for this meme, feel free to add them~
⦁ This meme was originally created by GOTJayPlay~

The Tale: 
After an odd dream, you find yourself in a world run by Pokemon. Long story short, you are living a Mystery Dungeon world and you have to work to stop the ultimate evil.

1. This is you:

Impish Pachirisu
Oh my, if I am not anything it's not being mischievous...

2. This is your best friend:
Timid Whimsicott
It doesn't want to get into trouble... so cute X3

3. You see this Pokemon as a parental figure:
Docile Smeargle
Someone so kind must be one to look up to.

4. The Guild Master:
Brave Gallade
One must be courageous to guide everybody.

5. The Enemy Team, The Bad Dudes (Get three, first one is the leader.):
Bold Seviper
Oh Arceus, what is it going to do now.

Gentle Donphan
It must be a mistake that someone this caring is a bad person.

Calm Cradily
They are so chill that You almost think they don't do anything.

6. Your favorite shopkeeper, the one that has food:
Quiet Weepinbell
Poor weepinbell doesn't know how to refuse when customers try to bargain.

7. The first recruit to your team! Show them love!:
Hasty Dragonair
They are so fast, you won't even see their attacks coming.

8. The Pokemon that happened to take an "interest" in you:
Quirky Gothita
It's so fun to talk to Gothita.

9. The young Pokemon that sees you as a role model:
Serious Ampharos
Someone needs to chill and take things less seriously.

10. The Pokemon that is most likely hiding something:
Impish Clawitzer
Did your claw grew again? "I-I-I... don't know what you mean!"

11. That one annoying Pokemon that talks all the time:
Jolly Zekrom
Why yes, of course it is a good day for a thunderstorm... geez...

12. The Pokemon who misses you the most when you go on your journey:
Lonely Kecleon
Aw, don't be sad. I will come back soon, I promise!

13. The Pokemon that likes to sing folk songs wherever they go:
Bashful Golurk
"Oh, life is good when you are a rock!"

14. Your hardest boss fight:
Jolly Phanpy
How can I attack something so cute?

15. The traitor of your Guild:
Nidoran M
Naïve Nidoran M
Poor Nidoran was tricked! Don't trust them Nidoran!

16. The spirit that guides you:
Hardy Purugly
Alright, alright! I will go! So annoying...

17. The aforementioned ultimate Evil:
Naïve Keldeo
I'm betting it's the Lawful Evil type.

18. The sacrifice that saved your life:
Timid Carnivine
Poor Carnivine would never hurt a fly!... I know, amazing right?

19. After defeating the Evil, a different spirit arrives, offering a way to your home:
Hardy Skitty
I don't know if it will guide me well if it keeps playing with it's own tail...

20. The spirit can only send you back if you send someone to relive your journey. Who shall journey this time?

I will admit, that was fun! Made me want to play Mystery Dungeon again since it's been forever since I played the ones for the GBA... maybe the recent ones are really cool and I never knew?

And now everyone is having their heads wrapped up with the image of a Zekrom casually walking trough town and asking how is everyone's day and telling jokes.
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