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"Uf... Heavy..."

The streets are busy, frolicking with people on their busy lives. However they are not all unhappy about their routines. For each and every one of them, their lives is a good escapade to the boring routine of their actual lives. In this palce, they can be whatever they want. A businessman can be a construction worker, or a hairdresser can become a rising star. Everyone looks forward their remade lives after being robbed of their old ones.

Miku understands that feeling too well. She was also bored of her old job until somehow, she was transported to this alternate reality, where she can enjoy her interests, without anyone questioning her.

Still. That doesn't give me the right to go overboard. Now I have no way to carry all of these until nightfall.

Dropping all the paper and plastic bags in the ground, Miku stared at the merchandise and collectibles she got today by the shopping district. She wasn't planning on getting so many but a flash sale came up unexpectedly and she completely forgot about moderation.

One thing's for certain. I am not acting out of character by doing this.

She grins to herself, as she grabs the handles of the bags, readying herself to get back on track.

Being aware of the responsibility of playing out her character, she reminisces about the first time she stepped into Existence. She could barely believe her eyes: a world without restrictions, where anyone can be whatever they want to. But there is a catch. One must behave in the predestined way hat it was attributed to that person. It's no wonder that the citizens of Existence are mentioned as Actors within the Moderator's Society, not that many people know about that.

"Erm... Excuse me..."

Miku was so lost in thought that she never noticed a girl approaching her. She had beautiful blue hair, styled in twin-tails with tiny ribbons and her big blue eyes were sparkling with the sunlight.

"An angel..."


The young otaku was admired in this girl's beauty, but then she noticed that she was wearing a rather scruffy outfit, with ruffled jeans and a black jersey. For some reason, Miku thought that she was contrasting way too much.

But then again, what do I know about her? Maybe she doesn't have other clothes. I can imagine pretty dresses, or even a school sailor uniform...

"Oy... If you are not careful, your stuff will get run over by a passing car."


It was only then that Miku noticed that one of her bags was ripping and some of its content was dropped into the road.

"No! That was a limited edition special!"

She was about to jump to the road without a second thought, when her arm was suddenly caught in something. Miku had all her attention somewhere else so she didn't pay much heed at whatever had her arm caught and struggled to free herself.

"Wait! The sign is green! Do you want to get run over that badly?"

It was only then that Miku realized that it was not her arm that was caught on something, but rather, that her arm was being held by the girl, warning her about the danger. And sure enough, the traffic lights were still green, cars were already on the move and almost caught Miku if she was not pulled in.

"That... that was close! Thank you... uh..."

Panting, the girl sensed that Miku had already calmed down and let her go.

"Oh, sorry. I might have put a little too much strength on grabbing you..."

Too much strength is telling a lot. My arm has red marks from where you grabbed me! What kind of power is packed on this cute frame?

"It should be fine now. Here, let me help you."

"Ah, thanks."

"Do you always carry this much... oh wow. Figurines?"

"Do you have anything against them?" Miku replied with the most stern and serious face she could muster.

The girl blushed a little and then she lowered her head and continued to pick up the items. Then she blushed even more sped up the pace.

Ah, how am I going to carry all of these without a bag... uh?

Miku was startled by having the girl quickly handing over all the items she had as if they were an hot potato. She then gave her a weird look and walked past Miku.

"Ah, wait! At least let me repay you for your trouble, after all I still need to get another bag..."

"It's... it's no trouble at all!.. Bye!"

Miku titled her head at the strange behavior she was witnessing. Then something clicked in her brain.

"Wait a second! I know you!"

The girl stopped her steps, but in reality, she was ready to dash like a panther in the wild. Only this time, she was ready to run away while Miku ran around her and then looked straight into her face.

"You are the new Idol aren't you? Misty the savage!"

"Wha... what kind of nickname is that? I should have..."

Misty took a couple seconds to notice how easily she was given away as Miku excitedly grabbed her hands.

"It is you! Oh wow, I never expected..."

"Shh! Do you want everyone to hear you?"

Miku's 'fangirling' moment was muffled by Misty quickly covering Miku's mouth before she could continue. Then, like an experienced burglar, she scurried her away from curious eyes.

Wow, it's not like I am a die hard fan but this is somewhat exciting!

"What is such a star doing here?"

"Have you ever heard the word -disguise-? It was bad enough to run away from my manager and now this..."

"All right, I will keep my mouth shut."

In the dark alley, no one would ever notice the two girls talking to each other. Hopefully if somebody sees them they won't think that they are doing something else, given how narrow the alley is.

"Thanks. Look, I'm sorry but I really got to go."

"Wait! Before that..."

Misty looked at Miku with a puzzled look. Her faces so close that they cold feel each other's breathing... Misty only hopes that she is not going to be forced to do what she thinks in a situation like this.

"It is such a rare chance to meet somebody like you, and I bet that I won't have another anytime soon. Can we at least have a cup of coffee some other day?"

"Is that such a thing to be asked of someone you just met?"

It's not like I am capable of doing something bad...

As Miku thought of that she couldn't help but notice that Misty was blushing a little, she giggled, which earned her a serious expression from Misty's eyes.

"I'm sorry, it's just. We envision the famous people as we want but when we meet them in person..."

"You are making me regret my decision."

Wait, don't tell me that she was actually considering it?

"Where are you from?"

"Uh, me? The capital... oh wait. No, I am sorry. I mean, I'm from Nexus."

Misty raised an eyebrow. People from Nexus are not seen around Eden like this. As she was about to ask why, Miku interrupted her.

"It's only here that I can get the merchandise that I always look for! You don't imagine the lengths that one has to go to get rare items."

"Yeah, but in Eden you can get them easily. If you want I can tell you a store where... Oh."

Miku couldn't believe that for the first time, somebody understood her hobby. She couldn't help but hop in the same place in excitement, rubbing her chest against' Misty's.

"H-hey! Stop it!"

"Sorry... I got myself carried away..."

Misty sighed. "Fine, I can take a cup of coffee with you. But another day, and under my conditions, you hear?"

"Ah, yes ma'am!"

"Don't you dare call me "ma'am" again!"

This earned her another giggle from Miku.

This ought to be fun, I am sure of it!

After some quick contact exchange, the two of them squeezed rough the alley and went on on separate directions. Miku came to realize that she forgot her bags on the sidewalk where some good soul placed them behind a recycling can.
Because it's fun (Miku Prologue)
So then. It has been a while hasn't it? I hope you realize that I have several other projects and things... and games... and anime... you get the picture. So It's not often that I get the time to write this. But I can at least tell you that this was written in 3 times or less. So you can see that every time I picked this up I wrote at least a third of the whole text. It's not much, huh?

Anyway, about Miku. She is the "genki" girl of the story, as also being an extraordinary genius and a fan of manga and anime. So expect a couple references from her. Another peculiar thing about Miku is that she is incredibly nosy and loves to talk about perverted things in public. Not recommended for kids to mimic her, K?

If you noticed the pattern on the previous prologues, you already know who's next.
Also, before anyone asks, these Prologues serve two purposes: one, to establish the character's personality. And two, to hear the opinion about each character. I expect at least the people involved to comment, I guess.

Miku is a character based on my good buddy :iconmrtwinklehead:

Reality Break is an original fictional story made by me, MegaTuga  Please do not steal, copy or use in any way without my authorization.
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People who know me always insisted that I work well with my English when I ask them. But I am still not much confident about that. The proof is when I write. It always feels like I miss something when I am typing and end up using similar words or expressions that might work well in my head and translated to Portuguese, but do not work as well for the English-native/speaker audience.

What I am asking is the following: if you have read my fanfics and original fics, or even my journals here on dA. Do you honestly believe that I need some sort of refresher on English language, or even increasing the amount of words that I know? For example, I have difficulty in describing food and ingredients, including recognizing words for them.

Sure that never came up in what I write but it's an example. Again, please. Honest answers. 


Megaman fan, possibly addicted
Hello there I'm MegaTuga, the Portuguese Megamaniac! I don't usually draw a lot... and after all I cant draw that well... maybe one day I will do something especial...

I also have accounts in
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