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Dear Mom in Law,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our romance is over. I think I realized it when you smacked my ass outside of your office and I saw you hit on my cat. I'm sure you're cowardly enough to understand that your Ford sucks. I'm returning our matching snoopy underwear to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I told my psychiatrist about the bruises and the apartment building is on fire.
Best of luck on the sex change,
Son in Law

P.S. - I will be back... SOON.
for the other ear.

Dang it :iconbassiroth: You don't let me rest, do you? Gods let me check... these questions have Ken all over it, I knew it.

1.I have to post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.

3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose 13 people.

5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

6. You can't say you don't do tags. 

7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry. 

9. You have to finish this within a week. If not, you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

1) If you were in a Galaxy Far Far away, what lightsaber would you have or want to build? 

Are you serious? If it has to be a lightsaber it has to be a Z-saber! No questions. I MEAN IT, don't you dare come with me and say that it has to be Star Wars related. I don't think Star Wars lightsabers can change element or density, can they? HA.

2) Your ideal spouse. Do not say I dunno 

That's... actually an honest question... compared to the rest. I dun... somebody who can push me without making me fall. Now try to decipher that metaphor... but don't say it out loud.

3) Your favorite Starter Pokemon

Uh, let see...Either Snivy or Fennekin. Can't pick. And while I do say I like Quilava I never said I liked Cindaquill.

4) Favorite Pokemon villain. Be it one from any of the main or spinoff games, mangas, or anime

Have to go with Geovanni, don't I? I was tempted to say N but he's more of an anti-hero.

5) C.C. has gifted you with the power of Geass. What would that power be for you? Even if you knew you'd one day be cursed to never die till someone else with a powerful enough Geass comes to kill you, even knowing you yourself would have to kill C.C. one day as part of your contract to gain this power, even knowing your Geass would grow more and more powerful to the point you couldn't control it properly, would you still accept it? (Do recall, once you kill C.C. and get her Geass sigil/code, you will no longer be able to use your Geass power any more, just be able to gift Geass to others)

Do I have to ride a mecha to get it? (I'm just joking but if so that would be a no). It's basically a superpower that fits my personality right? Sorry I don't plan to watch Code Geass so I'm just assuming what the internet tells me. I would probably have invisibility or teleporation.

6) Who is Rey? Is she a Skywalker? A Solo? A Bridger? Or is she a new 1st generation Jedi family?

... You do know that not everybody in the universe has seen Star Wars right? Wikipedia says she's a scavenger supporting the Rebellion. That's as far as I go.

7) Who...or Snoke?

Aaaand of course there's another one... or so Google says. Uh, "the supreme leader of the First Order" ...looks more like Voldemort to me.

8) Batman v. Superman or Marvel Civil War?

Don't plan to watch either but if I had to I always pick Marvel over DC.

9) Favorite Mega Man series or game

*insert casual "it's MML2" reply here*

10) If you could spend a day with someone from the past, who would it be?

I assume you mean somebody who has already passed out. The first that comes to mind is really Issac Asimov, as weird as it sounds. Hey, don't get me wrong but he was in the golden age of sci-fi novels. It would be a pleasant conversation... until I bring him to a library and see him pass out again just by looking at the selection. 

11) Who is your hero?

Assuming you don't want fictional people here... I would say none? I really don't have anybody to idolize. Not family nor famous.

12) The battle for the Holy Grail has begun. You must summon a hero from the past, present, or future to do battle for you. The winner will be granted a wish. Your summoned hero will be one of the 7 classes of Saber, Lancer, Archer, Berserker, Caster, or Assassin (or if you know of the other classes, more power to you). Which hero would you chose to fight for you, which class, and in this deadly battle for the wish granting device, would you kill your friends if they turned out to be your opponents in this deadly game?

Can I pick Akiha? Or Yumizuka? What you mean by wrong series?

I'm hoping that she won't be a crazy one, because I would pick Joanne de Arc. She would obviously be a Saber class. Or Caster. I'm betting there's already a Joanne and I don't know about it.

13) Rita has escaped. You and your friends are called forth to become a new team of Power Rangers to combat her and the Forces of Evil. What kind of power ranger would you be? What would be the theme of your suit and robot? What kind of special weapon would you use? What role would you take on the team?

I just realized that if we take the people from the usual skype group we have a good Power Rangers team... something to think of.
I could never be the red leader even if offered. I would stick to be an extra or a 6th ranger.
Oh I got an idea, I could use the theme from my alter-ego.
So that would be Silver-colored, Knight design. My weapon would be a shield which transforms into a sword. Same knight design for my Zord... which could transform into accessories for a MegaZord. Oh I like it.

Yeah, I could make up 13 questions but I'm not going to tag anybody so....
It's not that I don't want to, I just don't have enough confidence in the other people I know to tag them. And Ken already tagged half of those I know best... or are active.
  • Listening to: Yamato Nadeshiko (SYD S1 OP)
  • Reading: Sousei no Onmyouji
  • Watching: KonoSuba!
  • Playing: Moira (Kickstarter Demo)
  • Eating: Peanut Butter Flavor Oreo
  • Drinking: Peach Ice Tea
The blackness, immeasurable.
And in it, something beckons you.
Their voice echoes trough the shadows and calls your name.
You stagger but your body won't move.
"How could you?"
The darkness replies. "Prepare yourself, and witness me!"
Suddenly, part of the void opens up and reveals a figure.
"I'm beautiful, am I not?"
Their vacant expression, the stripped shirt... You recognize those.
"Surely you have no hope of defeating me!"
Your mind cannot accept it, but sure enough, it's true.
"No... it can't be... is it really you...?"
Their expression turns into a grin. "Yes." And then a gentle smile forms in their face one smile that almost seems to mock you.
"m y c h i l d"

♥ Chara is here.

"B...but... Chara was... you can't...!"
The smile in their face spreads grotesquely.
"Keep in the surprise... you won't need it when you are d e a d!"
They step forward.
"As an old friend once told me..."
They pull out a knife. And another. And another.
"You are gonna have a bad time!"
Their attack was impeccable and came out of nowhere. Three knives strike you, spinning brutally.
[A voice...(231!)]
"Gah! No... my strength..." You cough. " But... I still have de... termination."
Slowly, but surely, you begin to compose yourself and stand back up.
"What? No! Impossible, Impracticable, INCONCEIVABLE!"
A blunt knife appears in your hands.
"I will show you... that I can still go on...."
You pretend to attack, but it is a feint to make Chara dodge while you strike.
"You did that to sans, didn't you...? It's payback..."
[The voice, sounding from above says: Put in a number!]
Confused, you believe your mind is playing tricks with you. But you whisper in doubt.
The surprise distorts Chara's face. They convulse in pain and fall to their knees.
Panting, you think you managed to beat them again but they recover quicker than you believe and uses what is left of their black soul to release a whirlwind of sharp knives.
[The voice rings again. (321)]
"No... agh..."
[Chara has (302hp)]
" t-turn..."
You reach for your pockets... and find a sword-shaped burger.
You eat the Legendary Hero.
"That will not save you from this." Chara spits on the ground.
EVERYTHING YOU HAVE..." Chara pauses for a moment and grins to themselves. "...well, HAD. Is now mine!"
Chara slowly walks towards you. Everything turns into darkness.
"Ashes to ashes... and WE ALL FALL DOWN!"
[(666!) ... Wait it's negative?]
Perhaps from the deep wounds, you cannot make sense of what is happening but you gather every ounce of what remains of your soul.
Chara laughs intensively, believing that the fight is done with.
"I..." You lunge at Chara. "WILL NOT FALL DOWN!"
"Wait... what?" But it's too late.
You were already standing and slashing at Chara before they react.
[(204) Right... that means there's (96)hp left]
Chara staggers back, pressing their hand at the wound."NOOOO!"
Your body is exhausted, but you can still move.
"I... will do it." You step forward. "And your reign of terror will end, even if it costs my SOUL!"
"Then do it, coward!" Chara shouts.
"Why... couldn't you be... a better person?" You raise your knife. "Like this you are not even close... to a human."
The shock fades from Chara's face as you bring down your knife from the shoulder to their side.
"It's... over."
Perhaps an illusion but Chara's body seems to be cut in two even pieces.
"Wherever you may go from here... may you rest in... peace..."
Your body begins to fall.
Cotton stuffing flies everywhere while a metal-like voice says: "I'm sorry beauty but everyone knows method acting works best, isn't that right?"
Everything lights up and it hurts your eyes. You stand in a stage by yourself while Mettaton walks to you from the back.
Coming to the realization, you sigh.
"You could have warned, you know."
"Yeah." Mettaton says. "But next time, try to be gentle with the props."
You stand up. "What do you mean by..." In front of you lies half of a dummy. "Ah. Sorry."
Mettaton begins tapping in a tablet. "Dummies of mass murdering psychos aren't cheap you know?" He looks up. "And neither are the people who hide in the ceiling giving advice and marionetting while talking to themselves!"
You follow Mettaton's gaze. Above the line of the curtains, a small white dog bows apologetically while bringing up some thin wires from the dummy.
"Hey!" You protest. "Not everybody can be a superstar like you."
"Yes, dear, I know." He returns to work on the tablet. "But don't say sorry to me, say it to the poor dog up there."
You stare sideways at the dog. "I will once he gives me back the artifact."
The dog whimpers and runs away.
"Oh my... looks like you scared him. But regardless folks...This has been another MMT-brand quality program. I will see you later!"

1234567890 G

(You hear a voice)
"Do you really know why I did this?
You aren't ready... until you solve problems without violence.
So... I'm sorry bud, but you can't leave here. Not yet.
But hey that's it for me. Tell me when your ready to go and I will guide you
I'm going to Grillby's.
See you there."
Encounter of fate (Undertale)
Sometimes I wander on omegle. Be it to make fun or to genuinely talk to somebody.
But once I found this person who suddenly began shouting at me. It took me a while until I realized that they were in fact making an RP. It took me even more time that they were calculating damage stats and not adding up except for Chara.
I'm leaving a transcription of the actual chat here, it is full of grammar errors and whatnot so I made it... "prettier" under a friend's suggestion.
I will see you in the comic/animation/comic dub premiere! XD

Undertale is a propriety of Toby Fox.
Dear Mom in Law,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our romance is over. I think I realized it when you smacked my ass outside of your office and I saw you hit on my cat. I'm sure you're cowardly enough to understand that your Ford sucks. I'm returning our matching snoopy underwear to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I told my psychiatrist about the bruises and the apartment building is on fire.
Best of luck on the sex change,
Son in Law

P.S. - I will be back... SOON.
for the other ear.



Megaman fan, possibly addicted
Hello there I'm MegaTuga, the Portuguese Megamaniac! I don't usually draw a lot... and after all I cant draw that well... maybe one day I will do something especial... or not.

Current Residence: Portugal
Favourite genre of music: Rockman soundtracks
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Elysium
Favourite anime character: Amakusa Shino
Personal Quote: "Start with the worse to appreciate the best at the end"

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